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The Van Hage Garden Company

Welcome to our 'New Van Hage Seed Catalogue 2004/05'

We  hope   that   the  changes  we  have  made  inside  the catalogue this year will inspire you, both to experiment  with  new varieties we  have introduced and continue with all your old favourites.

In response to comments received  by  our  regular and new readers,  we have put all the Dutch  and  English vegetables into  one  alphabetical  run!  and  you  will,  we're  sure,  be pleased to hear  that we have removed  all  those  annoying prices that end in 99p! - and No!,  we haven't rounded them all up, many have been reduced!

We  have  introduced  some  wonderful new vegetables, the herb section has grown and as for the flowers..! You told us that you liked last year's range so much, that  this  year's is even  bigger!  So  give your imagination free rein and plan to
fill your gardens and allotments  with  such  mouth  watering vegetables,  fragrant  herbs and delightful  flowers that your 'patch'  will be the envy of all your  neighbours  and  friends. (Look  out  for  our 'Van  Hage  Value'  lines, a veritable rash
of 'Reduced' markers and our money saving 'Thrifty Threesomes'!)

Click on the green tomato below to order your FREE
Van Hage 2004/2005 Seed Catalogue now!

Van Hage Seed Catalogue Application



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